President's Message

Dear Colleagues, 

On behalf of CSAC, I am pleased to invite you to the 2023 Legislative Conference happening April 12 - 13 at the Safe Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento. This year’s conference will be full of exciting speakers, informative meetings, and key opportunities to engage and reconnect with legislators, state representatives, and fellow peers. The Legislative Conference is an opportunity for all of us to gather and participate directly in the decision-making process that affects our communities and constituents. 

Homelessness is our top priority, and CSAC is leading the way on response with a first-of-its-kind joint summit on homelessness with CalCities. County and City leaders will engage on a path to create a comprehensive, statewide plan and system to address homelessness. Attendees will hear from state leaders as well as paired County-City leaders on the challenges and opportunities – and necessity – of local coordination and clear roles and responsibilities. 

The Legislative Conference will also host CSAC Policy Committee Meetings, Caucus Meetings, the CSAC Board of Directors Meeting, and many other important county gatherings. We’ve got a program full of conversation, engagement, and information around major legislative initiatives and key county priorities. 

The challenges of the last few years – pandemic, wildfire, workforce needs – have spread us all thin, but counties have demonstrated time and time again that we will meet any challenge thrown at us with tenacity and resilience. While counties don’t pretend to have all the answers to addressing homelessness, counties need to be clear and committed to meeting this moment, and we will do so together, with 58 voices strong.

I am incredibly honored to be CSAC’s President and to represent all 58 counties, who work tirelessly every day to support their communities. I am also invigorated by the tenacity of CSAC staff as they work on behalf of all of us. I sincerely hope that you will join me at the 2023 Legislative Conference so that we can continue to engage, empower, and elevate key county priorities! 


Supervisor Chuck Washington
CSAC President
Riverside County


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