President's Message


Dear Colleagues, 

On behalf of CSAC, I am pleased to invite you to the 2022 Legislative Conference happening April 20 and 21 at the Safe Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento. This year’s Conference will be full of exciting speakers, informative meetings, and key opportunities to engage with legislators and state representatives and reconnect with fellow peers. The Legislative Conference is an opportunity for all of us to gather and participate directly in the decision-making process that affects our communities and residents. 

The planned workshops include topics that are top of mind for many of us: 1) the impact of the State’s new CalAIM Initiative that transforms and aligns all elements of the Medi-Cal delivery system; and 2) the growing challenge around cannabis enforcement compliance and its taxation system. Both workshops will offer focused discussions and valuable information around framework, impact, and available resources. 

The Legislative Conference will also host CSAC Policy Committee Meetings, Caucus Meetings, the CSAC Board of Directors Meeting, and many others, including affiliate meetings: the Latino Caucus of California, Coastal Counties, Urban Counties of California, and California Counties Foundation. The 2022 Legislative Conference promises to be full of conversation, engagement, and information around major legislative initiatives and key county priorities. 

As I reflect on what we’ve experienced over the last few years and what is to come in 2022, I am incredibly proud of what we have all accomplished and how resilient we have become. From surviving the pandemic to preparing for disasters and even increasing broadband funding, we have come a long way together. As we emerge from this strange space, I am filled with hope. Hope for continued collaboration across county lines. Hope for decisive action on key policy priorities. And hope for building resiliency across communities. If I have learned anything from watching my fellow county leaders over the past two years, it is that we are stronger together and only together will we prevail and continue to achieve new heights. 

I am incredibly honored to be CSAC’s President and to represent all 58 Counties, who work tirelessly every day to support their communities. I am also invigorated by the tenacity of CSAC staff as they work on behalf of counties. I sincerely hope that you will join me at the 2022 Legislative Conference so that we can continue to advocate, engage, and lead! 


Ed Valenzuela
CSAC President
Siskiyou County Supervisor


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