4:30pm – 5:30pm :: Women’s Leadership Forum Workshop

The mission of the CSAC Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) is to provide a welcoming network for mentoring, supporting, and empowering elected women supervisors, and other women county leaders, as they engage in leadership roles in their communities and within CSAC. In keeping with this mission, this year’s WLF workshop will be a roundtable discussion where female county supervisors discuss strategies, challenges, and best practices on mentoring, coaching, supporting, and empowering women in various county positions to take on leadership roles.


9:30am – 12:00pm :: CSAC FC Innovation Summit

Since, 1986 the CSAC Finance Corporation has been providing California counties with a number of exciting and innovative programs.  These programs include: financing for community-based public projects, an investment pool, deferred compensation, discount prescription cards, cyber security, property tax payment platform, debt offset, cannabis data management and many more.

This year’s innovation summit will highlight 10 of our best and new programs in a fun and fast paced format.  All registered attendees will enjoy a continental breakfast, a catered lunch and much more.

10:00am – 11:30am :: Public Information Officer Workshop

The PIO Session will feature a panel of local elected Supervisors and PIOs discussing social media tips and strategies, followed by a round robin discussion of issues of concern across California’s Counties.

2:30pm – 4:00pm :: 58 Plans, One Goal: County Uses for ARPA Funds

The American Rescue Plan Act and the $7.67 billion it provides in direct, flexible funding to California’s counties gives supervisors the resources to make once-in-a-generation decisions about how to spur their regional recoveries. From infrastructure to essential worker pay to direct economic stimulus, this session will explore how counties are using the funds in their communities.


8:30am – 10:00am :: Navigating Opportunities for Counties to Support Children and Families

Many noteworthy early childhood and child care policy developments and investments have occurred in recent years, both to respond to the challenges of the pandemic and to enact significant reforms. This workshop will examine the policy and funding landscape, detail county initiatives, and identify opportunities for counties to further support children and families.

8:30am – 10:00am :: Who’s Next? – The Where, The What, and the Who of Broadband Buildout

After twenty years of steady, incremental improvements, the past twelve months have laid the groundwork for transformational changes to California’s broadband ecosystem. Starting with adoption of the Broadband for All Action Plan, continuing with the historic commitment of $6 billion for broadband infrastructure, and finishing with the passage of AB 14 and SB 4, California now has a plan, funding, and a policy framework to match its digital ambitions. How are the policies being implemented? How much progress is being made? What role can counties play? This session will connect counties with state policy-makers and local difference-makers to show the path forward and to make sure…we don’t get fooled again.

1:30pm – 2:30pm :: California County Roundtable

What’s going on in your county? Counties are diverse, but face many of the same complex issues. At this roundtable, county supervisors can see what problems are vexing their colleagues and what solutions some of them have found. The session will feature three-minute presentations by selection of supervisors as diverse as the counties they represent. Short presentations mean they won’t get bogged down in details, but there is time built in afterward for all supervisors, both presenters and attendees, to talk about the connections they’ve made and ideas the presentations have sparked.

2:45pm – 4:15pm :: Drama in the Board Room – Tips and Techniques to Foster Better Communication and Encourage Civility in the Board Room

After nearly two years of impossible situations and contentious meetings, even the most experienced leader might need a reminder to take a deep breath, turn inward, and remember that we control our own reactions. In times of disruptive change, it is critical to engage stakeholders at all levels to build effective collaborations with a critical focus on the aspects of communication needed for people to work together effectively. This lively and interactive session will offer helpful insights and suggested practices for building and maintaining trust and credibility both among county officials and between county officials and the public. Participants will learn and practice tried and true exercises from acting and theatre training to create focus, build awareness, mindfulness, connection, and empathy.

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