Featured Speaker: Jackie FreidbergDr. Peter Cressy

Dr. Peter Cressy has 35 years of CEO experience in both the public and private sectors including significant international experiences. A distinguished educator, a retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral and Trade Association CEO, Dr. Cressy has a lengthy history of leadership positions. He served for six years as Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and for two years as President of the Massachusetts Maritime College. His 28-year naval career included key appointments at the State Department, House of Representatives, the Pentagon, and several commanding officer positions. His operational assignments included duties in Alaska, Japan, Iceland, Italy, the Mediterranean, and shipboard duty off the coast of Vietnam during the evacuation of Saigon and the Mayaguez Rescue. He concluded his career as Commander, Fleet Air Mediterranean and Commander, NATO Air Mediterranean during Desert Storm where he was in command of 16,000 personnel and eight joint Naval bases in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.

Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill: “a strategic approach to leading in times of change and crisis“. This program emphasizes eight common characteristics manifested by these great leaders during times of great change and crisis. This program has been particularly relevant and popular during the post Covid era. It demonstrates the importance of strategic vision and strategic patience in dealing with the complexities of anxiety and disruption which occur during times of great change and crisis. It emphasizes the importance of visible leadership and accurate communications, and takes advantage of important lessons of history. 


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