180 Emotional Intelligence – A Leadership Master Class

180 Emotional Intelligence – A Leadership Master Class

Do you have the emotional agility to thrive in today’s world?
180 Emotional Intelligence – A Leadership Master Class

As the world changes, so do the requirements for leaders to leverage a new set of operating principles: self-awareness, self-management, motivation, collaboration, authenticity, empathy, adaptability, influence and resilience … Emotional Intelligence. In this engaging 2 day workshop you will discover the power of emotional intelligence and how it impacts leadership effectiveness and performance. The workshop utilizes the latest research and techniques from neuroscience, emotional Intelligence and mindfulness to assist participants in building their leadership impact, optimize positive relationships, effectiveness, decision-making, influence, and wellbeing; all primary success factors of a great leader. Participants examine the fundamentals of EQ, its importance in leadership, and how to apply competencies and techniques to specific workplace situations. Participants complete a EQ profile and learn how EQ can be developed through practical tools and techniques.

Instructors: John Dare transforms organizations to thrive in accelerating change as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

6/16/2022 10:00 AM - 6/17/2022 3:30 PM
Fresno County Plaza Ballroom 2220 Tulare St. Fresno, CA 93721
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