123 Strategic Planning: Crafting and Leading Planning Proces

123 Strategic Planning: Crafting and Leading Planning Processes

Make strategic planning mean something
123 Strategic Planning: Crafting and Leading Planning Processes

Thinking strategically and determining priorities are essential skills in organizations, especially during times of uncertainty. This course examines how to make a strategic plan a living document and have it mean something to those affected. Participants examine: 

  1. Developing a methodology for thinking strategically using the “STEP ” model
  2. Crafting strategic goals and plans (including with the Board of Supervisors or other governing board), including during times of uncertainty; 
  3. Engaging stakeholders in the process; 
  4. Determining priorities and desired outcomes Tips to prepare an actionable plan; 

Best practices and case examples are explore to support integration of the plan into agency operations and decision making. Discussion highlights tips for supporting strategic thinking during times of change and uncertainty.

Instructor: Angela Antenore, M.Ed. is an experienced strategic facilitator, coach, and university instructor.

6/1/2023 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Virtual Course CA

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