128 Emotional Intelligence

128 Emotional Intelligence

Enhance interpersonal leadership skills
128 Emotional Intelligence

What characteristics and practices distinguish great from good performers? What evidence-based practices should be part of your daily routine to be a high performer? We will answer these questions from a 30 year data base and research of top performance as we dive into the four areas of Emotional Intelligence (EI): 1) Under-standing Yourself, 2) Managing yourself, 3) Understanding Others and 4) Managing Others. Hands on tools to enhance your EI will be explored. Emotional Intelligence is a prime factor to one’s success when compared to Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and technical expertise. Business simulations, practice sessions, videos and group discussions will help participants enjoy, engage and learn more. You will take an assessment to determine your EI strengths. The TalentSmart EQ Assessment is a required prerequisite for the course. Discussion regarding the results of the assessment is an integral part of the course curriculum. Directions and Course codes will be distributed from the CSAC Institute 

Instructor: Lucy Hernandez is a certified community action professional and a National R.O.M.A. Certified Trainer.

7/18/2024 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Zoom Meeting 55, CA

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